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Are you thinking of hosting a themed night?

At Krystina Variety Agency we have a wealth of experience creating memorable themed nights, complete with themed entertainment. For example we can create your very own medieval banquet, including stage entertainment, costumes, venue, prop hire as well as caterers and food.


Perhaps you are looking to raise money at a charity night and want to go that extra mile to organise something memorable, we can help you achieve all your themed night ideas. Another night of ours that proves ever popular is our race nights, why not call us today to discuss this?

Krystina Variety Agency has a large stock of backgrounds in several sizes to suit your venue size. These can include country and western, a ski mountain scene, Caribbean paradise, a 70s disco, Bond nights, Oscar nights and many more. Due to the size of our inventory, we recommend you discuss directly with our office what you are looking for.

Moulin Rouge Montage

Awards Red Carpet

Academy Award Statue

Western Cowboy Cut out and Backdrop

Stage Coach

Indian Reservation

Christmas Backdrop

Sleigh with Reindeer

Alpine Backdrop

Caribbean Backdrop

Caribbean Beach Hut

Palm Trees

Medieval Shields

Medieval Backdrop

Medieval Hobby Horses

John Wayne Cut-Out


Table Decoration

Lobster Pot


Horror theme

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